Medical Devices

Medical Devices

As a contract manufacturer for custom silicone and thermoplastic components and assemblies, ProMed understands that each project we support is unique, and every medical device customer behind each project may have their own quality and regulatory requirements. With that deep understanding, ProMed is well positioned to support customized project requests for programs with volumes from a few thousand to tens of millions of components per year.

Medical device applications may range from surgical tools or instruments for the OR, skin contact transdermal or wearable devices, short term implanted (less than 29 days in the human body) or inserted devices, to long term implantable (greater than 29 days in the human body) devices.

The types of medical devices we support include:

  • Wearables: Skin contact devices for monitoring patient vitals or delivering electrical currents for various therapies
  • Urological: Balloons, seals, connectors and valves for incontinence devices
  • EN&T/Sleep Apnea: Short term inserted or skin contact components
  • Dental: Devices treating gum disease and other oral health therapies
  • Surgical & Robotics: Customized handles and assemblies for surgical instruments, seals and gaskets for surgical robotics and supporting components

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