ProMed’s inspection and testing services extend far beyond metrology and appearance criteria commonly requested on component prints.  In addition to dimensional and mechanical testing support, electrical testing, rheometery, thermal property evaluation using DSC and identification using FTIR or UV/VIS Spectrometry is offered.

Our Quality Team understands that every project we support is unique and may demand customized testing requirements, depending on the needs of the customer, the intended use or application, or the regulations it must conform to. ProMed is adept at implementing new test methodologies to support critical programs. When appropriate, approved and qualified outside vendors who possess specific skillsets or expertise may also be leveraged.

Additional services offered by our Pharma/Analytical Testing Teams include:

  • Drug assay/impurities by HPLC
  • Drug elution using incubator shakers, USP Apparatus 2 or Apparatus 7 (Small Volume)
  • Residual solvents by GC-FID
  • Water content by Karl Fischer titration
  • Polymer molecular weight by GPC/SEC

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