The term “value-added operations”, or secondary operations as they are often called, refers to services performed after the primary injection molding operation is completed. Value-added operations are common and nearly every medical product requires some of these services. Examples include operations like etching, cutting, assembly, testing, and packaging. Specific to the medical industry, an example of a value-added operation is the implanting of sensors on a catheter or parts assembly that turns a set of components into a functional medical device.

Value-added operations are sometimes viewed as an after-thought – additional steps that companies don’t have time to optimize. Secondary operations that are not well-planned result in inefficiencies, delays, and higher costs. When considered individually, value-added operations may not seem costly or timely, but when evaluated collectively, these services are often very time-consuming and expensive – so it is well worth the effort to optimize them!

When partnering with a single-source provider, such as ProMed, value-added operations become an extension of the injection molding process. This provides customers with a complete manufacturing solution, providing value by minimizing the number of vendors involved and enhancing product quality. Single-source providers that offer value-added services streamline manufacturing with continuous production line flow that reduces disruptions and improves efficiency – saving OEMs time and money!

Why Value-Added Operations Make Sense

There are many advantages to value-added operations. Each of the benefits below results in manufacturing efficiencies, saving OEMs money, resources, and time! Over time, OEMs often find they have acquired a large supply base that can be challenging and time-consuming to manage. One way to streamline and strengthen the supply chain is to consolidate the supply base. Additionally, since every step in the injection molding process builds upon the next, it is cost-effective to partner with a supplier that can start and end the project with you – from the concept and design phase through production and secondary operations!

  • Enhanced Quality and Speed to Market: value-added operations offer OEMs a greater degree of control and minimize the risk of supply chain or process disruptions. Delays are avoided since OEMs no longer need to manage production and logistics schedules across multiple vendors. These services streamline the production line, especially when combined with automation, allowing manufacturing to run seamlessly from injection molding through assembly, testing, and packaging. These services add efficiencies that result in decreased lead times and allow for faster speed to market. Regarding quality, value-added operations performed by the injection molder results in higher consistency and reliability of the end product. Fewer vendors handling the product also eliminates the potential for a quality dispute between vendors! Lastly, since product flow is continuous and there is minimal “down-time” in between molding and the various value-added services, less inventory is required. For all of these reasons, as well as those noted below, value-added operations save time and money – and make good business sense!
  • Improved communications: by consolidating your production and value-added operations into a single supplier, your points of contact decreases from several to one! This allows for a central, more customized level of support. This will also inevitably improve and simplify your supplier communications, resulting in a better final product.
  • More purchasing power: by consolidating your supplier base and incorporating value-added operations, OEMs gain purchasing power. This can be in the form of negotiating lower manufacturing and transport rates due to higher annual spend and more services being performed.

ProMed’s Value-Added Operations

ProMed was founded in 1989 to address an industry need for cleanroom manufacturing of silicone components, specifically those having a medical application. We have garnered a reputation as the world benchmark of implantable silicone components and assemblies – and are one of few companies in the world to provide contract manufacturing of drug-eluting products.

ProMed elevates plastic injection molding to the next level with its suite of value-added operations. The extensive expertise of our production and engineering personnel has made our Value-Added Operations the fastest growing portion of our business today. We leverage life experiences and training within our robust New Product Development Processes coupled with our ISO-quality system. The result is high-quality, value added components that are delivered on time, utilizing all our extensive capabilities. Below are some of our value-added offerings.

  • Priming
  • Plasma etching
  • Laser etching
  • Welding
  • Marking
  • RTV inking
  • Bonding with UV cure or RTV adhesives
  • Assembly
  • Slitting
  • Cutting
  • Crimping
  • Annealing
  • Post-cure
  • Punching
  • Custom packaging
  • Insert over-molding
  • Functionality testing
  • Supply chain management

Contact ProMed today at 763-331-3800 to discuss how our value-added operations can save you time and money!

Why Value-Added Operations Make Sense
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Why Value-Added Operations Make Sense
Why value-added operations make sense: fewer suppliers, improved quality and speed to market as well as cost and time savings.
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