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ProMed has established itself as the global standard for implantable silicone components and assemblies.

With our knowledgeable and skilled workforce in medical device manufacturing and quality requirements, we are one of only a few companies worldwide that offer contract manufacturing drug-eluting products.

ProMed Prototypes is a ProMed division that fills a market void by providing customers with real molded parts made from various materials. Our experts deliver complete in-house mold design, construction, and prototype component manufacturing.

ProMed Medical Prototypes

Under our ProMed Prototypes division is the development and manufacturing of medical prototypes. Our dedicated quality system, facilities, and personnel facilitate the processes required to design and manufacture medical device components for our customers. In addition, we develop effective manufacturing processes from various materials in collaboration with established and early-stage medical device companies.

Material and Design

The ProMed Prototypes Engineering team is skilled in balancing the material and design for the best manufacturability. Our customers can purchase prototypes of different materials and test them in their applications; this procedure will aid in determining the best material type for their needs.

Our prototypes are molded using custom metal tooling capable of running almost any kind of silicone and other substances without modification.

Here are some of the materials and additives that we include in medical prototyping:

  • Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR)
  • High Consistency Rubber (HCR)
  • Room Temperature Vulcanizing Rubber (RTV)
  • Implant-Grade Colorants
  • Titanium Dioxide
  • Barium Sulfate
  • Teflon (PTFE)
  • Epoxies, plastics, etc.

ProMed Prototypes has worked with international material suppliers to provide the best medical device development solutions. Our company continues to improve and develop products and processes in collaboration with our partners to fulfill and exceed customer expectations and excel in manufacturability design.

Production Process

ProMed Prototypes will transfer the product to the New Product Development team once the part has been prototyped and is ready for production. They will use the manufacturing knowledge from the prototype to fully develop a manufacturing process for the customer’s part, including OQ, PQ, and process validation.

Rapid Prototype Development

The Rapid Prototype Department provides molded parts made of the specified material. When the part model is received, the tool design process begins. Customers can select implantable-grade silicones, industrial-grade plastics, and other materials. Furthermore, the prototyped parts provide critical information and insights to design engineers during proof of concept and testing.

Technical Center New Product Development (NPD)

ProMed’s NPD team steps in when more than engineering samples are required. They are based in the Technical Center, a self-contained department within the company. Moreover, the Technical Center group can support new projects on time without interfering with production activities because they have their equipment, personnel, and material.

Medical Device Combination Products

For more than a decade, there has been a growing convergence between implantable devices and drug therapies, resulting in a hybrid of devices that deliver drugs as either a primary or secondary mode of action. The key markets for our contract manufacturing services include cardiovascular, neurology, and orthopedics.

The following are examples of drug-device applications:

  • Steroid-eluting pacing and defibrillation leads
  • Drug balloons
  • Implantable sensors
  • Antimicrobial catheters
  • Wound and joint spacers

Partner With ProMed for the Highest-Quality Medical Prototypes!

Quality is more than just a department at ProMed; it is a cultural commitment. We understand how critical quality is to our customer’s success, so we embrace it at every stage of medical device manufacturing, development, and prototyping.

ProMed Prototypes provide design assistance, material selection assistance, and supply chain management. We mold the parts in a Class 10,000 cleanroom with 420 stainless steel molds before validating the tools by conducting thorough development studies and correlating measurement methodologies. In addition to medical prototyping, we also offer aerospace, defense, and pharmaceutical prototyping services.

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