Operating as a leading contract manufacturing for the medical industry has ingrained in every ProMed employee a culture of achieving top-notch quality in every piece and prototype we produce. Coupled with our deep expertise in silicone and plastic molding, this devotion to quality enables ProMed to address unique customer needs beyond medical applications.

We specialize in process development and manufacturing of highly customized parts for a wide range of applications and industries including Aerospace and Defense, Automotive, and Consumers Goods.

All ProMed products and processes adhere to strict quality standards aligned with our ISO 13485:2016 registered Quality Management System, with controls that exceed requirements of an AS9001 system. ProMed is registered with the Department of State as an ITAR-compliant manufacturer.

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We specialize in making products from a wide range of silicone combination products and plastic resins:


  • RTV
  • Conductive LSR
  • Conductive HCR
  • Fluorosilicone
  • Self-lubricating silicone
  • Closed-cell foam
  • LSR & RTV desiccants
  • Matrix-reinforced


  • Polysulfone
  • PEEK
  • LCP


Our expertise spans a range of processing techniques including:

  • LSR injection molding
  • HCR injection molding
  • Plastic injection molding
  • Compression molding
  • Silicone overmolding
  • Assemblies
  • Die cutting
  • Calendaring
  • Knife coating
  • Foam molding
  • 3D silicone printing


Our team expands beyond the medical and pharmaceutical markets:

  • Aerospace & defense
  • Industrial
  • Automotive
  • Consumer goods
  • Wearables

Aerospace & Defense

ProMed has significant experience supplying highly-customized parts to commercial and military aerospace OEMs. Leverage our extensive material and process expertise for your development and manufacturing needs.

ProMed is an American-owned corporation compliant with all DoD regulations and registered with the Department of State as an ITAR-compliant manufacturer.

airplane itar
silicone desiccant

Silicone Desiccants

Molded desiccant products combine the incredible material properties of silicone with the moisture adsorption of zeolite desiccants. These products are ideal for keeping sensitive components dry over a long time period. ProMed offers fully-activated custom-molded silicone desiccants for your unique application.

Conductive Silicones

ProMed specializes in electrically conductive platinum-cured silicones with carbon-based additives such as carbon fiber and carbon nanotubes (CNTs). Our partnerships with the major material suppliers of conductive LSR and HCR silicone ensure that your application will benefit from the latest technology.​


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