OEMs have many options to choose from when it comes to their injection molding partner. Below are just some of the reasons why ProMed stands out from the competition and why OEMs choose to partner with us for medical manufacturing.

· Established and Proven History: when it comes to medical manufacturing, OEMs need an established partner with a proven history. ProMed was founded in 1989 and has decades of experience in injection molding and other medical manufacturing methods. In addition, our team has garnered a reputation as the world benchmark of implantable silicone components and assemblies – and are one of few companies in the world to provide contract manufacturing of drug-eluting products.

· State-of-the-Art Facilities: ProMed manufacturing facilities and equipment are designed for a single purpose – to mold medical and implantable silicone, combination components, and biomaterial grade plastics with uncompromising quality and service. We currently have four divisions that are located within two manufacturing sites. ProMed medical manufacturing facilities are equipped with certified class 10,000 / ISO Class 7 clean rooms, demonstrating our strong commitment to quality. In addition, our ProMed Molded Products division specializes in the molding of silicone and biomaterial grade plastic components , sub-assemblies, and assemblies.

· Advanced Molding Technologies: at ProMed, we employ a team of skilled professionals with expertise across a wide range of molding techniques. In addition, we utilize cost-effective, high-end molding technologies that keep operating expenses down while producing parts with an extremely high level of precision and repeatability. Our tools are designed and manufactured to exacting tolerances. Expert toolmakers use high-tech design software and machining centers to produce molds that are durable and dimensionally repeatable from cavity-to-cavity, part-to-part.

· Range of Material Options: when it comes to material selection, the medical industry is one of the most demanding sectors. Materials employed within healthcare must be durable enough to withstand harsh conditions, resistant to degradation, and, of course, compatible with the human body. ProMed offers a range of materials that meet these criteria, and we guide OEMs through the selection process to ensure the right material is chosen to achieve the desired final product properties such as strength, flexibility, and biocompatibility. Our most common silicone elastomers for injection molding include liquid silicone rubber (LSR) and high consistency rubber (HCR). The professionals at ProMed also have extensive experience with biomaterials.

· Various Manufacturing Techniques: at ProMed, we offer our customers a range of medical manufacturing solutions. Our team has extensive experience with a variety of medical molding methods including silicone injection molding, compression molding, and transfer molding. ProMed also offers multi-cavity tooling, micro-molding as well as insert and overmolds. It is safe to say that ProMed has a solution that meets your medical manufacturing needs. Also, OEMs should keep in mind that partners with a broad range of material and equipment offerings, like ProMed, are better positioned to provide support as your business grows over time.

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· Integrated Manufacturing Solutions: ProMed’s design and manufacturing teams are integrated to allow manufacturability issues to be identified and addressed during the design process instead of after the tooling is fabricated – saving OEMs significant development time and cost. We offer complete in-house production and technical services including design, tooling, molding, and assembly. At ProMed, we work with our customers throughout the product life cycle, providing a cost-effective solution that meets the customer’s needs. Our innovative processes range from simply molding components to automated assembly to providing complete devices. We utilize state-of-the art technology, draw from an experienced technical community, and take a creative systematic approach to provide you with a dependable, high-quality and overall cost-effective solution to meet your medical manufacturing needs. Our team of experts take OEMs all the way from concept to completion – or OEMs can jump in anywhere in between.

· Excellent Product Quality: ProMed is an approved, certified supplier to many of the top medical device manufacturers in the world. Partnering with an experienced injection molder like us ensures the necessary production planning takes place to meet all of the regulatory, quality, and commercial standards. Every employee at ProMed is trained with the idea that quality is their most important responsibility. Our work force is highly specialized in the manufacturing and quality requirements of medical products, many of which go into long-term implantables. Medical manufacturing partners, like ProMed, that are ISO 13485 certified have demonstrated the capability and know-how to manufacture medical devices under the requisite cleanliness and contamination controls. Additionally, our products are wholly synthetic, not animal derived, and do not contain substances of very high concern or materials sourced from conflict regions.

· Offer Value-Added Operations: secondary operations provide OEMs with a complete manufacturing solution and offer significant value for OEMs such as streamlining production schedules, improving the consistency and reliability of the final product, and minimizing the number of vendors involved in the manufacturing process. All of these steps improve efficiency – saving OEMs time, resources, and money. When partnering with a single-source provider, such as ProMed, value-added operations become an extension of the injection molding process, enabling continuous production line flow that reduces disruptions and improves efficiency – a big competitive advantage for ProMed customers.

· Focused on a Long-term Relationship: at ProMed, we approach every partnership with the goal of having a long-term relationship. We listen to our customers, offering win-win solutions that ensure both parties are aligned and satisfied. Most OEMs have unique and specific product specifications and it is important that medical manufacturing partners be able to comply with those specifications. At ProMed, we collaborate with OEMs, providing alternatives to specification challenges as well as design suggestions to save time and money. If this level of collaboration is not happening with your current medical manufacturing partner, you have not found the right partner. In the end, ProMed customers understand we are their trusted medical manufacturing partner and we can help their business grow over time.

About ProMed

ProMed was founded in 1989 to address an industry need for cleanroom manufacturing of silicone components, specifically those having a medical application. Over time, we broadened our product offerings to include assembly, micro-molding of highly engineered plastics, and combination products. We have garnered a reputation as the world benchmark of implantable silicone components and assemblies – and are one of few companies in the world to provide contract manufacturing of drug-eluting products.

ProMed has expertise in working with the full spectrum of silicones covering a wide range of properties and characteristics. We will assist in your material selection to help ensure all design requirements are met. Our manufacturing facilities and equipment are designed for a single purpose—to mold medical and implantable silicone, combination components, and bio-material grade plastics with uncompromising quality and service. We currently have four divisions that are located within two manufacturing sites. All are certified class 10,000 / ISO Class 7 cleanrooms.

We can identify the right manufacturing solution for any project. We have extensive experience in a wide range of injection molding techniques including:

· Automated Silicone Injection Molding

· Multi-cavity tooling

· Micro molds and micro molding

· Servo-controlled de-molding capabilities

· Insert molds, overmolds, and automation integration

· Transfer molding

· Compression molding

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